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Welcome to Discover Winnipeg! This is your one-stop portal for anything and everything that you might want to know about the many wonders of Winnipeg. A vibrant, culturally diverse, and endlessly fascinating city situated in picturesque Manitoba, Canada, Winnipeg boasts of ultramodern big-city urban living coupled with a distinctly warm and traditional small-town feel. An ideal destination for tourists, business travelers, and migrants, Winnipeg offers a wealth of natural and manmade attractions. Please explore the rest of our website to find out the many delights that Winnipeg has in store for you!

Business Travel

Traveling to Winnipeg on business? We offer tons of useful information that will make your stay more productive and less stressful. Whether you are visiting town on a new assignment, meeting up with clients or business partners, or launching a new business, you will find Winnipeg to be a most favorable business destination!

Adventure Travel

Get ready for the world of adventure that waits at Winnipeg! Winnipeg has a great many impressive natural attractions that rival anything that the rest of the world has to offer. From hiking to trail riding, rock climbing to a full range of outdoor leisure activities, Winnipeg is THE place to let your adventurous spirit roam free!

Atractions and Events

Winnipeg provides a wealth of cultural and leisure events and activities that highlight everything that the city has in store. Concerts, street side musical performances, museums, galleries, nightspots, restaurants, and more–you name it. It’s all here for you to enjoy!

Travelling abroad

Thinking of moving to Winnipeg? We provide you with a comprehensive range of resources and information that will make your move more enjoyable and more rewarding! We offer you an in-depth glimpse into the many wonders of this fine city, so you know exactly what to expect when you get here!



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