6 things that happen when you are in a Canadian immigration process

6 things that happen when you are in a Canadian immigration process


For one reason or the other, you are interested in moving to Canada. Maybe you have family there, maybe you want to work there or you simply want to live there because you love the place and its history. Well you do have to go through immigration first to make the application and submit the relevant documents needed. Get more information from your nearest immigration lawyer to be on the safe side. That is just one small part of the process. Here are 6 things that happen when you are in a Canadian immigration process.

  1. Application

This is the very first step that involves you getting to fill a number of different forms at the embassy. Some of these forms require information about your family, your proficiency in certain languages specifically the country’s official languages. Your education will also be a key factor in determining whether you have the credentials required. You also need to be in very good health and submit the records to ascertain this. This is all part of the application process.


  1. Assessment

Your application will then be assessed to determine whether you have correctly filled it. The next thing done in the assessment is to ensure you have paid the fee required to process your documents and that you have attached all the documents that are needed for verification.


  1. Contact

After some time, the embassy will reach out to you online via your account to ensure you have gone through your application. If more documents are needed, they will ask you for them. An interview will be set up and you will be told what to do.


  1. Review

The application you made goes through a lot of scrutiny to ensure you were truthful. If it so happens that you provided false information, your application will be dismissed and you will not be able to apply again for the next five years.


  1. Processing and decision

Express entry applications are usually processed in less than six months. There may however be some delays that occur if there is need to verify your information or if problems regarding security arise. A background check being conducted on you might also be the cause of the delay though this is all part of the processing.


  1. Decision and confirmation

A decision will be made based on your eligibility which will be determined by the information that you provided after which you will have to pay the right of permanent residence fee, that is is you had not paid it yet up to that point. If your application is approved, you will be issued with a confirmation and a visa. Make sure your confirmation has the right details by checking it against the information found on your passport.


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