7 Packing Tips That Will Make Your Move Less Stressful

Most people have a very negative attitude towards moving. Especially after they hear about what other people had to go through while relocating to new homes. But the truth of this matter, however, is that the moving processes can also be quite stress-free and enjoyable. You just need to plan yourself and the move accordingly and everything will be just run smoothly.  According to Edmonton movers, most home owners find packing to the most difficult process when it comes to moving to a new house.

Here are seven packing tips that you can use to make your moving experience less stressful.

1. Declutter



Decluttering the items and stuff in your home that you don’t really use anymore and feel you won’t need in your new home is a good first step. There is no reason to have to move any of the junk stuff which will end up taking up space in your new home too. This will make moving the remaining items a lot easier and take less time.

2. Plan what goes where


You also need to make advance plans of what you currently have in your new home and what you are bringing in. Doing this in advance makes the unpacking process a lot easier and time effective as well. Most of the time, you find that people move from smaller houses to larger ones. And so, your home will definitely have a lot of extra space which you can use later provided you arrange everything properly during the unpacking process.

3. Color code your moving boxes


You can color code your boxes to easily identify which boxes belong where in your new home. This makes it easier even for the movers to know where to unload your items in your new home.

4. Label everything appropriately


These are some of the things you should do long before the actual moving process as they take time. You may have managed to color your boxes prior to the move and have everything in the right rooms. But then, this is the time to start unpacking these items. Labeling the stuff can make work a lot easier.

5. Keep any essential stuff with you


During the actual move, you need to have your important stuff and the items that you use frequently like phone and keys with you. Don’t mix them up with other items lest you lose them amidst all your packed items.

6. Prioritize


After you have gotten all your moving boxes in their respective rooms, you now need to work out which items to move first and which ones to move last. If not careful, this process can easily overwhelm you. You can start by putting up the curtains or blinds in your new home, arrange the furniture, then follow with everything else in the order which best suits you. Not everybody’s order suites, everyone.

7. Use momentum


Most people usually decide to take a little rest after the move. They may even opt to leave the unpacking process for another day which may not be such a good idea. You can get almost everything done on the same day you move to your new place. Use the momentum you had for the move to keep everything else going before you finally lay down to rest.

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