A Family Resort: Getting the Biggest Bang for your Buck

The notion of the “family vacation” seems to be more and more of a difficult proposition. Between wrangling time off, planning activities for the kids, isolating an appropriate budget, the family getaway is anything but simple. However, with a bit of research, today’s family can most certainly plan a vacation that offers a bit of luxury at an affordable price. More recently, resorts have realized that families are a relatively untapped consumer market and have made consistent efforts to reach out to such a demographic with a combination of both an elevated travel experience and the practicality that a family needs when planning a vacation. In the past, resorts were often viewed as “honeymoon” spots or places only accessible to those with deep pockets, but more often than not and particularly in the recent economic climate, such destinations are becoming more and more accessible to families.

The “All-Inclusive” Family

For the budget minded, one of the best options for choosing a resort-style vacation would be to select an “all-inclusive” package. Such destinations allow for a family to pay one price for the entire vacation, including meals, non-alcoholic drinks, lodging, and any specified leisure and recreational activities that the package offers. For one set price, a family can enjoy an inclusive vacation where the children are tended to in a “kid-friendly” environment and the adults are free to roam and explore their own choices for fun and relaxation. An all-inclusive vacation offers a stress-free way to plan, book and pay for a trip, without the hassles or worry about extra expenses and unexpected surprises that can sometimes come when managing a trip “al la carte”. Inclusive travel packages are not limited to just beach vacations or extended time away from home. For most families, allotting for vacation time is often a problem. However, many fun destinations are within a day’s drive from the neighborhood and can offer a weekend full of hiking, fishing, a spa day, golf and many of these packages, if booked for more than one night, provide discounts and many inclusive extras with the booking. It is imperative that families do their research and utilize the various travel applications available via their favorite social media sites. Often, recommendations, reviews and tips on when to book a trip, can be found within such sites and result in many unadvertised offers and specials.

The Fine Print

Keep in mind that even if the travel package is listed as “all-inclusive” it is important that families understand exactly what that means otherwise they can get a shocker of a bill at the end of the trip. For example, alcoholic drinks are often extra as are various recreational activities not included in the overall package. Also, when choosing lodging, make sure that the accommodations have trained staff ready to support and entertain children and make sure such support staff is included in the package price. Ask questions, plan ahead and make the most of your family vacation.

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