About us

Discover Winnipeg was developed as a one-stop portal for anything that anyone might want to know about Winnipeg. We aim to inform the public about the many vibrant, culturally-diverse, and fascinating facets of this city, which combines a cosmopolitan modern urban lifestyle with a traditional small-town atmosphere. We are especially focused on providing information that will be valuable for tourists, business travelers, and migrants to Winnipeg.

Much of the information and resources we provide is geared toward the needs of those traveling to Winnipeg on business. With the comprehensive range of resources that we provide, we aim to help business travelers enjoy a more productive and less stressful stay in the city. For those visiting the city for work, connecting with clients or business partners, or those starting up a new business, we hope to provide a single destination by which they could learn the most important aspects of Winnipeg.

Our information is culled from data and information gathered by our expert team of researchers and resource personnel. Staffed by longtime residents and natives of Winnipeg, our team aims to provide an in-depth look into the unique characteristics that drive local business, economy, culture, and lifestyle. We also highlight the best of the many natural wonders and attractions that Winnipeg has to offer, encouraging adventure travelers and nature lovers to explore the wealth of natural gifts that the city and the surrounding area has in store.

We at Discover Winnipeg maintain close ties with local community and socio-civic organizations, in order to provide the public with information and updates on the latest events in Winnipeg. The city boasts of a thriving cultural, entertainment, and leisure scene, and we hope to encourage more people from around the world to come visit by way of the information we provide on this site.