Clueless About Last Minute Packing? Pack in A Pinch with These 10 Tricks

Moving from your old home to your new one is always an exciting experience. With professional moving companies like Edmonton movers you can have a fast and efficient moving process. And many homeowners are always so consumed with that joy and happiness that they forget about other stresses like packing which can take the fun out of the whole thing. Most homeowners don’t consider packing to be a fun activity. It is always a long and tedious process. It gets to be even more stressful if you have limited time to move. But just in case you find yourself caught in a last-minute move, there are ways that you can still make it a pinch and be less stressful. Take a look at these tricks to clear out your old home more quickly.

1. Have A Checklist


Before you get into this step, you might want to take a quick walkthrough of your home. Assess all of the items in your home. Only then will you be able to successfully make a list of all the things that you plan to move. A list will also help you determine which of your household items you might want to leave behind so as not to carry anything that will end up cluttering your new place too.

2. Seek Assistance

Moving house

If you must, then beg for it. This step will help make the packing process be a lot quicker and faster. It will also be more fun as you will be interacting with people you know; friends and family members. You can even order beer or pizza in the process.

3. Recyclable Moving Bins


Recyclable moving boxes is another efficient method that you can use to pack your items quickly. You will, however, need to acquire these bins a few days ahead of the move. Recyclable moving boxes can help you cave an incredible amount of time. And you can use them to move your stuff anywhere. They are designed in such a way that they make your moving and storage easy and efficient.

4. Packing One Room At A Time


For last-minute moves, packing room-by-room is an effective way to make the whole process less stressful or overwhelming. You get to focus on one room at a time. You can only imagine running from one side of your home to another attempting to pack everything at once.

5. Your New Home


Knowing a thing or two about your destination can also help a great deal when eliminating some of the guesswork that you may end up doing while packing. For example, knowing about the weather conditions of your destination will also save you from carrying clothing and footwear that are inappropriate.

6. Avoid Addition Of Stuff At The Last Minute


Try and refrain from making any last-minute add-ins to the list of things that you plan to move. After you are done with packing, close and store your luggage until the day of departure. Doing so will help you avoid any temptations of adding more items in the final hours to the trip.

7. Breakables and Fragile Items


Instead of buying bubble wrap papers for your breakable items, you can instead use clothing to wrap your plates, picture frames, ceramics, and even silverware. They will also not cost you a single penny as you will be using your own clothing.

8. Donation Of Unwanted Items


Of course, you will have some of your old stuff that you no longer feel you need but are still in good shape. So, instead of having to carry them to your new place where they will only take up space, why not donate them? Give them to your friends and family members.

9. Enough Supplies


Save time by gathering your packing supplies in one fixed point where you do not have to run up and down all the time looking for the packing tape or the scissors.

10. Maximum Use Of Space


You can also pack some of your smaller belongings into your larger ones. This is one sure way of utilizing every possible space that is available to you. You will, thus, have fewer boxes to move.

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