Enjoy Your Summer Break & Make Money with These 7 Summer Side Hustles

The summer season is right around the corner. And this is usually the time with the best weather and free time on your hands. You simply can’t wait. So, this summer period you decide that you want to make a few extra bucks. You know, to help fund your summer travels or maybe even cover your other future expenses. Luckily, there are many easy and friendly gigs that you can try out and see how they work out for you.

There are countless numbers of side hustles that you can do especially during the summer period. You simply need to choose the right one that fits your preferences and go for it. That being said, let’s get to it. Here are some awesome side hustles which you can try out during this summer period and get some good money.

1. Shop for others


Yes! You can shop for others and make some good income from it. Sites like Instacart and Shipt can help you get some good money on the side while spending other people’s money and/or run errands and other things for them. This is a pretty good side hustle and you can make something like $22 per hour. Shipt only has two requirements that you must meet to get this side gig;

  • Be over 18 years
  • Own a car no older than 1997 for the job


2. Walk dogs and pet sit


Pet sitting is another fun side hustle that you can try out. This side hustle can be more fun if you are an animal lover. How easier can it be? Simply taking someone else’s dog for a walk or pet sitting some pets overnight while the owners head out. If you are interested in this side hustle, then you can start from Rover.com which is reputable. Chances are that you are going to find some clients using this site in your area.

3. Rent your home on Airbnb


You can also choose to rent your home out on AirBnb.com if you have some extra space in your home and feel you want to make some extra cash renting it out. This gig can be especially more comfortable if your home has a guest bedroom or guest house that you can rent out.

4. Mow Lawns

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Mowing lawns have been a side hustle for some time now. Most people consider it to be a classic side gig. But if you feel you really need the extra income, then why not go for it if you feel you can manage it? It can be even easier if you have a working lawnmower and some experience mowing lawns. You can earn anything between $20 and $30. But it all depends on the size of the area that you are mowing. The price may shoot even higher if the area is big. If you have an installment loan, the $20 from mowing lawns can reduce the debt, Lendgreen offer its clients one of the best flexible loan repayments schedules.

5. Group fitness instructor

Black curly trainer with group training aerobic

You can also get into the business of helping other people get into and keep their awesome summer bodies. This side gig, however, will require you to take some classes yourself before you can qualify to teach other people. But when you think about it, you will be doing some workouts yourself too and instructing others as well and getting paid for it.

6. Stage homes


If you haven’t noticed yet, the summer period is usually also one of the biggest seasons for real estate. You find that this is that time of the year where many people are either buying and/or selling homes. Why not try and get in on the action yourself? Offer home staging services. In fact, you find that staged homes usually have a more likely success rate of selling. This increases your chances of making some good money here.

7. Photography

Young woman using DSLR camera

For this side job, you need a nice camera plus some basic skills in photography to make it in this side hustle. You can get some good deals in photographing weddings, headshots, family photos, etc. The list is endless.

The interesting thing about side hustles is that they can be used to cater for all the extra expenses. Of course there are other faster options of getting cash like getting Lendgreen loans. These loans are very reliable especially when dealing with an emergency.

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