RV Dealers: Marketing and Buying Guide for Millennials

According to RV Executive Today, RV dealers are going to see another great year of sales in 2016. A few RV dealers have mentioned that they’re pleased with sales for the first half of 2016 considering it’s an election year.

RVs Back on the Road Again

With RVs gaining popularity, RV dealers are rejoicing and many Americans are purchasing second homes on wheels. These Americans are most often those over 55 years old, but surprisingly, there’s been a recent surge in purchases from those in their 30s.

The Tiny House and Campers

The tiny house movement could be part of the reason for the surge in sales. Millennials are purchasing RVs and campers to travel unlike those from previous generations too.

They often purchase tiny homes because they require a lower down payment along with lower monthly mortgage payments. This allows them to have extra money for travel. This is where the campers and RVs come into the picture. The Millennial generation travel for work and for pleasure more than any other generation.

Buying Guide for Millennials

Dealers don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to market specifically to Millennials. This generation more than baby boomers will be driving the RV industry into the future. They require different extras and amenities compared to an older generation.

Some RV dealers are really focused on these young owners. They provide used RVs for a lower price with extras and customized features to peak the interest of Millennials.

Customized Features

  • Extra room for friends
  • Storage for bikes, kayaks and paddle boards
  • Charging stations for electronics
  • Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Video and audio systems

With all these amenities and others, Millenials are flocking to owning RVs more than the traditional baby boomers or vacationing families. They’re finding it to be an affordable way to see the country.

An RV for a Millennial Lifestyle

Many Milliennials are finding remote work that allows them to travel more than any other generation. They create blogs around their adventures, do freelance writing, photography or create products that can be sold online.

Buying Checklist

First, you’ll need to set a budget. This will help inform the rest of your checklist. If you can’t afford a top-of-the-line RV, the associated luxuries won’t be on your list.

Second, you’ll need to decide if you’ll be towing a camper or driving an RV. You can narrow down your choices by deciding how much space you’ll need. The sleeping capacity is vital to your comfort. If you want to have friends join you on your trips, you’ll need a sleeping capacity of 3 to 4 or 4 plus.

Read customer reviews of the campers or RV you’re considering. If you plan to buy a used camper, figure out the age range of the acceptable campers you’ll buy. If you have family and friends with an RV, ask their advice.

Once you’ve decided on a model or a dealer, make sure you inspect the unit properly. That includes mechanical, electrical and plumbing if you’re purchasing an RV.

A dealer can help you with most of your RV buying questions, but make sure you’re a knowledgable customer too. The Lovesick Lake RV Sales website has the available resources if you would like to learn more.

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