The Difference Between Valet, Express, and Value Airport Parking Lots

Airport parking is important, but many travellers overlook the options thatare available. The type of parking that you choose can have a major impact on how easily you get in and out of the airport. Knowing the difference between the types of parking and the travellers they are best suited to will make your experience easier.

Valet Parking for the Best Value

Many travellers prefer valet airport parking, due in part to its great convenience. One of the greatest conveniences associated with valet parking is having someone park your car, saving you from a search for a space. Although parking is an important part of what valet professionals do, this level of service also includes special care for your vehicle. You can take advantage of cleaning and detailing services that will have your car looking as good as new when you arrive home. Some valet plans also include extra services like oil changes.

Express Parking When Time Matters

Airports offer express parking for those who need to drop off or pick up a passenger, as well as those who won’t be parked over a longer term. One of the biggest advantages of these lots is being able to get in and out without battling a line of traffic. The rates at express parking lots are reasonable enough for you to leave your vehicle for a few hours to grab a quick meal or do a bit of shopping while waiting to drop off or pick someone up. These areas are also very accessible to pedestrian walkways and other areas accessed on foot.

Value Parking Saves You Money

Value airport parking is very helpful for travellers who will be away for an extended time. Taking your car to the airport and parking it while you’re away for several days is a good way to help keep it safe. At many airports, the value parking lots feature a location that is convenient to ground transportation in between terminals. The rates in these areas are specifically adjusted to the needs of travellers parking for several days, saving money over the course of the trip.

Making the Choice

Even though many people decide where they’ll park at the last minute, there is a lot to be said for planning in advance. You may be able to reserve a space that meets your needs if you make plans in advance. The more planning you do leading up to your trip, the more smoothly everything will go on the day of you trip. For those of you interested, there is more information available at Park’N Fly.

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