What To Avoid With Car Rentals

Traveling throughout your own country or a foreign country can either be a wonderful thing for those who enjoy walking and exploring the sights or a boon for anyone who needs to find themselves a vehicle to really make excellent time. Rental companies have been sprouting up in major cities across the world, allowing those traveling for pleasure or business to pay a fee and ride in style on their journey. Of course, this can be an incredibly costly venture for those unprepared. There are a few things to watch out for when opting for a car rental, though.

Avoid the Upsell

When possible, opt for renting a vehicle online through the company’s web page. If you are renting in person, chances are quite high that the individual behind the counter is going to try and upsell you. Basically, this means they will try to offer you a package or a better vehicle for what they claim is a nice price, but it is actually far more than you need or want to pay for your journey. It is great to get the sports car if you need to impress a new client, but if you’re just traveling from point A to point B, the shiny sports car is not a requirement.

Surcharges Add Up Quick

Fees and taxes on your rental car could misconstrue how rental companies advertise their rates for a vehicle. Those advertisements boasting $10 per day rates for a vehicle tend to have a lot of fees and surcharges hidden in the fine print. That $10 will actually double or triple after the fees have been tacked onto the bill. Watch for those!

Avoid Pre-Fill

A lot of rental agencies have an option for a pre-fill vehicle, which basically assumes you will return the vehicle completely empty. The company will pre-charge you for this so they can fill the tank once you return the car. The rates seem low at first, but gas prices in the area could actually save you some money if you opt to fill the rental car on your way back into town instead.

Insurance Upgrades

A rental car salesperson knows exactly what they are doing. They are trained to upsell any potential customer who enters their office. The pitch generally includes an attempt to include insurance upgrades for the rental vehicle to avoid any issues while on the road. Your credit card will generally cover basic insurance on a rental vehicle, but this is invalidated if you decide to insure with the rental company instead. Avoid the extra fee and useless insurance charges.

You see, there are plenty of things to keep an eye out for when opting to rent a vehicle from a known company. They really try to make their money off travelers, in most cases. Find more online information and resources at the Discount Car and Truck Rentals website.

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